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AmpliDrive Dropbox Google Drive Local File Server


OS X Mac
Web Browser

Desktop Client

Map as Network Drive
Favorites Folder
File Explore Integration
Integrated Search
Open from Application
Copy, delete, rename, move
Encryption of data on device
Full Metadata file structure
Limited use of disk space
Selective Sync of Folders
Work Offline
Background Sync
Notification of file change
Local Language
Get public file link
Public Folder Link
Shared with others

Mobile Client Features

Full metadata File Structure
Selective sync of folder
Limited use of disk space
Auto cleanup / expire content
Work offline
Preview of files
Save to disk (for supported devices)
SSL encrypted transfer
Open in
Save to
Recent files
Upload file

Web Browser Features

Use any computer
Full file structure
Upload files
Delete files/folders
Create folder
Download files
Rename files / folders
Preview of files
Edit files online

Enterprise Security Features

Known storage location
AD integration
SSO use AD password
Two factor verification
Retract access
Different folder access
User groups
ACL on user
ACL on group
ACL on shares
One account access to multiple servers/teams
SSL encryption
Audit trailing
Strong password policy
Device logging
Remote wipe
Reports of shares
Reports of user activity